Coulance Brand & Identity

School Project Branding

From €1,- at an online shop, to priceless for the middle class!
Many brands know how to win consumers with beautiful products. Or is it the brand experience? That ’s what I researched during this project. Expensive perfumes, watches and even underwear. Luxurious brands know how to set their prices  to skyrocket for a product that can be made ​​for minimal amounts. That’s why I turned my coffee scoop into a true luxurious product. The scoop is the same , but the perception is ó so much better!

Coulance_Logo_Mockup_800x550px Coulance_Lepel_Mockup_800x550px Coulance_Package_Mockup_800x550px Coulance_Packaging2_Mockup_800x550px Coulance_Display1_Mockup_800x550px Coulance_Certificaat_Envelop_Mockup_800x550px