ISO Festival Breda

School Project Information Design

The ISO Festival was a fictional project from school to develop a concept for a festival. The festival, which lasts for two months, provides an opportunity for spatial designers and other artists to show themselves to the public. The festival was located near the nature reserve Markdal in Breda. Spatial designers created eighteen rooms that could be used as a work and presentation place.

Our challenge was to develop a surprising and strong concept with user friendly information design for the visitors. The solution had to be eco-friendly and ensure that the reserve remains untouched!

ConceptISO_Concept_Mockup_800x550px ISO_Concept2_Mockup_800x-px ISO_InformationD6_Mockup_800x-px

Information Design

ISO_InformationD4_Mockup_800x-px ISO_InformationD5_Mockup_800x-px ISO_InformationD7_Mockup_800x-px ISO_InformationD2_Mockup_800x-px